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“Stories of Gabriel by Esther Alix is a sensory experience, inviting the reader into a vibrant world sitting at the intersection of New York City and Santo Domingo. Populated by characters who are real, yet larger than life, I found myself wanting to be their friend. I want us to drink coffee and smoke cigarettes at my kitchen table. I want to cry and laugh with them in this marvelous debut that will leave you wanting more.”
– Lana Garland, Producer, The Passing On



Alix is a Black Latina, the eldest child of immigrants from the Dominican Republic. Through her characters, Alix peels open each one’s capacity for holding loss and level of acceptance of the inevitable. Her emotive and deliberate prose, lush with words rich with sabor, lives in the memory long after the covers close.


After an established career spanning two decades as a fundraiser in New York’s elite philanthropic and non-profit circles, Alix now sets her sights on carving out her own legacy. Stories of Gabriel is her debut short story collection. A graduate of Hunter College, she has a zest for life that belies the often ominous themes of her writing. She loves to laugh, commune with her large extended family, watch and produce independent festival selected films such as Begin Again (2002) and Skateboard (2009).


She also trains for the occasional half marathon. Alix lives in Brooklyn with her wife and their dog.





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